Trait rand_core::CryptoRng

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pub trait CryptoRng: RngCore { }
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A marker trait used to indicate that an RngCore implementation is supposed to be cryptographically secure.

Cryptographically secure generators, also known as CSPRNGs, should satisfy an additional properties over other generators: given the first k bits of an algorithm’s output sequence, it should not be possible using polynomial-time algorithms to predict the next bit with probability significantly greater than 50%.

Some generators may satisfy an additional property, however this is not required by this trait: if the CSPRNG’s state is revealed, it should not be computationally-feasible to reconstruct output prior to this. Some other generators allow backwards-computation and are considered reversible.

Note that this trait is provided for guidance only and cannot guarantee suitability for cryptographic applications. In general it should only be implemented for well-reviewed code implementing well-regarded algorithms.

Note also that use of a CryptoRng does not protect against other weaknesses such as seeding from a weak entropy source or leaking state.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<R: CryptoRng + ?Sized> CryptoRng for Box<R>


impl<'a, R: CryptoRng + ?Sized> CryptoRng for &'a mut R