Trait rand::CryptoRng

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pub trait CryptoRng: RngCore { }
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A marker trait used to indicate that an RngCore implementation is supposed to be cryptographically secure.

Implementors of CryptoRng SHOULD also implement the TryCryptoRng trait with the Error associated type being equal to Infallible. It can be done using the impl_try_crypto_rng_from_crypto_rng! macro.

Cryptographically secure generators, also known as CSPRNGs, should satisfy an additional properties over other generators: given the first k bits of an algorithm’s output sequence, it should not be possible using polynomial-time algorithms to predict the next bit with probability significantly greater than 50%.

Some generators may satisfy an additional property, however this is not required by this trait: if the CSPRNG’s state is revealed, it should not be computationally-feasible to reconstruct output prior to this. Some other generators allow backwards-computation and are considered reversible.

Note that this trait is provided for guidance only and cannot guarantee suitability for cryptographic applications. In general it should only be implemented for well-reviewed code implementing well-regarded algorithms.

Note also that use of a CryptoRng does not protect against other weaknesses such as seeding from a weak entropy source or leaking state.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl CryptoRng for ChaCha8Rng


impl CryptoRng for ChaCha12Rng


impl CryptoRng for ChaCha20Rng


impl<'a, R> CryptoRng for &'a mut R
where R: CryptoRng + ?Sized,


impl<R> CryptoRng for Box<R>
where R: CryptoRng + ?Sized,