[][src]Struct rand_isaac::isaac::IsaacRng

pub struct IsaacRng(_);

A random number generator that uses the ISAAC algorithm.

ISAAC stands for "Indirection, Shift, Accumulate, Add, and Count" which are the principal bitwise operations employed. It is the most advanced of a series of array based random number generator designed by Robert Jenkins in 199612.

ISAAC is notably fast and produces excellent quality random numbers for non-cryptographic applications.

In spite of being designed with cryptographic security in mind, ISAAC hasn't been stringently cryptanalyzed and thus cryptographers do not not consensually trust it to be secure. When looking for a secure RNG, prefer Hc128Rng from the rand_hc crate instead, which, like ISAAC, is an array-based RNG and one of the stream-ciphers selected the by eSTREAM

In 2006 an improvement to ISAAC was suggested by Jean-Philippe Aumasson, named ISAAC+3. But because the specification is not complete, because there is no good implementation, and because the suggested bias may not exist, it is not implemented here.

Overview of the ISAAC algorithm:

(in pseudo-code)

Input: a, b, c, s[256] // state
Output: r[256]         // results

mix(a,i) = a ^ a << 13   if i = 0 mod 4
           a ^ a >>  6   if i = 1 mod 4
           a ^ a <<  2   if i = 2 mod 4
           a ^ a >> 16   if i = 3 mod 4

c = c + 1
b = b + c

for i in 0..256 {
    x = s_[i]
    a = f(a,i) + s[i+128 mod 256]
    y = a + b + s[x>>2 mod 256]
    s[i] = y
    b = x + s[y>>10 mod 256]
    r[i] = b

Numbers are generated in blocks of 256. This means the function above only runs once every 256 times you ask for a next random number. In all other circumstances the last element of the results array is returned.

ISAAC therefore needs a lot of memory, relative to other non-crypto RNGs. 2 * 256 * 4 = 2 kb to hold the state and results.

This implementation uses BlockRng to implement the RngCore methods.


Trait Implementations

impl Debug for IsaacRng[src]

impl Clone for IsaacRng[src]

impl Serialize for IsaacRng[src]

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for IsaacRng[src]

impl SeedableRng for IsaacRng[src]

type Seed = <IsaacCore as SeedableRng>::Seed

Seed type, which is restricted to types mutably-dereferencable as u8 arrays (we recommend [u8; N] for some N). Read more

fn seed_from_u64(seed: u64) -> Self[src]

Create an ISAAC random number generator using an u64 as seed. If seed == 0 this will produce the same stream of random numbers as the reference implementation when used unseeded.

impl RngCore for IsaacRng[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for IsaacRng

impl Send for IsaacRng

impl Sync for IsaacRng

impl UnwindSafe for IsaacRng

impl RefUnwindSafe for IsaacRng

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