[][src]Struct rand_hc::Hc128Core

pub struct Hc128Core { /* fields omitted */ }

The core of Hc128Rng, used with BlockRng.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Hc128Core[src]

impl Clone for Hc128Core[src]

impl BlockRngCore for Hc128Core[src]

type Item = u32

Results element type, e.g. u32.

type Results = [u32; 16]

Results type. This is the 'block' an RNG implementing BlockRngCore generates, which will usually be an array like [u32; 16]. Read more

impl SeedableRng for Hc128Core[src]

type Seed = [u8; 32]

Seed type, which is restricted to types mutably-dereferencable as u8 arrays (we recommend [u8; N] for some N). Read more

fn from_seed(seed: Self::Seed) -> Self[src]

Create an HC-128 random number generator with a seed. The seed has to be 256 bits in length, matching the 128 bit key followed by 128 bit iv when HC-128 where to be used as a stream cipher.

impl CryptoRng for Hc128Core[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for Hc128Core

impl Send for Hc128Core

impl Sync for Hc128Core

impl UnwindSafe for Hc128Core

impl RefUnwindSafe for Hc128Core

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