[][src]Struct rand::distributions::Open01

pub struct Open01;

A distribution to sample floating point numbers uniformly in the open interval (0, 1), i.e. not including either endpoint.

All values that can be generated are of the form n * ε + ε/2. For f32 the 22 most significant random bits of an u32 are used, for f64 52 from an u64. The conversion uses a transmute-based method.

See also: Standard which samples from [0, 1), OpenClosed01 which samples from (0, 1] and Uniform which samples from arbitrary ranges.


use rand::{thread_rng, Rng};
use rand::distributions::Open01;

let val: f32 = thread_rng().sample(Open01);
println!("f32 from (0, 1): {}", val);

Trait Implementations

impl Distribution<f32> for Open01[src]

impl Distribution<f64> for Open01[src]

impl Distribution<Simd<[f32; 2]>> for Open01[src]

impl Distribution<Simd<[f32; 4]>> for Open01[src]

impl Distribution<Simd<[f32; 8]>> for Open01[src]

impl Distribution<Simd<[f32; 16]>> for Open01[src]

impl Distribution<Simd<[f64; 2]>> for Open01[src]

impl Distribution<Simd<[f64; 4]>> for Open01[src]

impl Distribution<Simd<[f64; 8]>> for Open01[src]

impl Clone for Open01[src]

impl Copy for Open01[src]

impl Debug for Open01[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for Open01

impl Sync for Open01

impl Send for Open01

impl UnwindSafe for Open01

impl RefUnwindSafe for Open01

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