[][src]Struct rand::distributions::Exp

pub struct Exp { /* fields omitted */ }
Deprecated since 0.7.0:

moved to rand_distr crate

The exponential distribution Exp(lambda).

This distribution has density function: f(x) = lambda * exp(-lambda * x) for x > 0.

Note that Exp1 is an optimised implementation for lambda = 1.


impl Exp[src]

pub fn new(lambda: f64) -> Exp[src]

Construct a new Exp with the given shape parameter lambda. Panics if lambda <= 0.

Trait Implementations

impl Distribution<f64> for Exp[src]

impl Clone for Exp[src]

impl Copy for Exp[src]

impl Debug for Exp[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for Exp

impl Sync for Exp

impl Send for Exp

impl UnwindSafe for Exp

impl RefUnwindSafe for Exp

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