[][src]Struct rand::distributions::Bernoulli

pub struct Bernoulli { /* fields omitted */ }

The Bernoulli distribution.

This is a special case of the Binomial distribution where n = 1.


use rand::distributions::{Bernoulli, Distribution};

let d = Bernoulli::new(0.3).unwrap();
let v = d.sample(&mut rand::thread_rng());
println!("{} is from a Bernoulli distribution", v);


This Bernoulli distribution uses 64 bits from the RNG (a u64), so only probabilities that are multiples of 2-64 can be represented.


impl Bernoulli[src]

pub fn new(p: f64) -> Result<Bernoulli, BernoulliError>[src]

Construct a new Bernoulli with the given probability of success p.


For p = 1.0, the resulting distribution will always generate true. For p = 0.0, the resulting distribution will always generate false.

This method is accurate for any input p in the range [0, 1] which is a multiple of 2-64. (Note that not all multiples of 2-64 in [0, 1] can be represented as a f64.)

pub fn from_ratio(
    numerator: u32,
    denominator: u32
) -> Result<Bernoulli, BernoulliError>

Construct a new Bernoulli with the probability of success of numerator-in-denominator. I.e. new_ratio(2, 3) will return a Bernoulli with a 2-in-3 chance, or about 67%, of returning true.

If numerator == denominator then the returned Bernoulli will always return true. If numerator == 0 it will always return false.

Trait Implementations

impl Distribution<bool> for Bernoulli[src]

impl Clone for Bernoulli[src]

impl Copy for Bernoulli[src]

impl Debug for Bernoulli[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Unpin for Bernoulli

impl Sync for Bernoulli

impl Send for Bernoulli

impl UnwindSafe for Bernoulli

impl RefUnwindSafe for Bernoulli

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